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Friday, July 14, 2006

Michigan Primary

Y'know, I'm not sure how I missed this article, but it's pretty interesting. For one thing it has The Weekly Standard putting the primary (of Michigan at least) as a two-man race between Gov. Romney and Sen. McCain. And it calls it the key primary to boot (certainly good news for a certain native Michiganlander.....if that's what you call them).

Hemmingway ends the piece by going into a detail on the internal wrangling of Michigan politics, how Chris Romney (Mitt's bro) almost short-circuited Gov. Granholm's political career before it started, and split the state party, a rift that has not yet ended.

Ah, the joys of smoke-filled rooms.

Afterthought: I wouldn't hand out S. Carolina to Sen. McCain just yet. Gov. Romney has an excellent chance of picking it up if things have gone head-to-head by then. And if the race is still open, I wouldn't be surprised if Sen. McCain finished 3rd or lower.


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