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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Romney takes on McCain and terrorism

The big news the last few days has been Sen. McCain and the usual suspects (A.K.A. Sen. Graham and the Democrats) pushing forward a crappy bill that would severely weaken the CIA's ability to interrogate terrorists and even try them later on.

Yesterday Gov. Romney went to Sen. Graham's backyard and threw in his $.02:

"I'm foursquare behind the president on this," Romney said. "We need to provide to the interrogators the definitive rules that they need" and "not be subject to lawsuits" that might come from their work.

"The people we are facing are individuals who have no interest in the Geneva Convention," Romney said. "They slit the throats of our servicemen. They target civilian populations for terror and destruction."

Pretty much on the money. He might have added that the Geneva Convention is not applicable to a bunch of guys who get together and decide to kill innocent civilians...but he's already mentioned that.


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